How to search pictures?

Choose "Library" from the main menu and enter the keyword into the text box above. After typing first characters the drop-down menu will show all matching keywords in the database. You can select the keyword from the menu and search will start immediately. You can also type the keyword into the text box and start the search with Enter. If the drop-down box does not appear, there are no matching keywords in the database. Try to formulate another keyword.

There are more than 8000 different keywords in the database. Our intention is to make your search results as precise as possible. Therefore we use keywords that directly and clearly convey the content and context of the image. We avoid keywords that have no bearing or only a tenuous connection to the content. Our database supports English and Estonian languages. Choose your language using menu above. For taxonomic search Latin names can be used in both languages.


Loodusemees Picture Library is a digital nature photo collection founded in 2000. Main subjects of the collection are: